Dolphins add a field goal to take 9-3 lead over Ravens

It took a screen pass to a guard for the Miami Dolphins to find their way into the end zone for the first time on Thursday night.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Robert Hunt was not eligible on the play and they had to settle for their third field goal of the night in taking a 9-3 lead over the Baltimore Ravens.

Miami has moved the ball inside the Baltimore 5-yard line on three separate occasions without finding a way into the end zone. Well, except for when a screen pass from Tua Tagovailoa to Myles Gaskin was caught instead by Hunt, who ran for a 6-yard touchdown as he somersaulted into the end zone while reaching the ball over the goal line. Hunt was the right guard on the play and an ineligible receiver so the touchdown didn’t stand.

Jason Sanders converted a 29-yard field goal to extend the Miami lead. He has converted attempts of 31, 22 and 29 yards on the night for the Dolphins.

Ravens cornerback Tavon Young is questionable to return to the game with a foot injury.